Search here for digital records of plant specimens located in the University of Minnesota herbarium. Our goal is to digitally capture and make available online the largest and oldest collection of plants in Minnesota. All specimens collected in the state of Minnesota are currently available in the database (>160,000). We aim to make available in future our entire vascular plant record from the United States, Canada, and elsewhere (~600,000 specimens).

First, select the field(s) you wish to search from the pull-down menus at the left. For example, "Collector last name" and "Scientific name". Next, enter the values for your search terms. For example, "Ballard" and "Pinus resinosa". It is recommended that you use the default operator "contains" but more restrictive searches are also possible. For example, "Date < 1900-12-31" will return collections made prior to the 20th Century.

*Scroll down to view query results.*

It may take several minutes to display the results of database queries. Please be patient. Search results may be downloaded in a comma-separated file where each record is summarized in a separate row. When viewing .csv files, it may be necessary to expand rows in order to display all of the information. Detailed descriptions of localities including latitude and longitude coordinates are not displayed for state-listed taxa (e.g. endangered, threatened, and species of special concern). Complete record information is available by request. You may contact should you require more information than is available through this interface.